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What can YOU Do?

If you want to save Scottsdale from impending Gridlock, you must take action.

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Updated Downtown Plan

Did you know that, if approved, the new Plan would NARROW Scottsdale Road to 1 LANE? At the same time, it will narrow the downtown couplet. Did you know that, if approved, the new Plan provides zoning for 10 - 12 stories downtown with no plan to increase roads?

On June 17th, Scottsdale residents asked the City Council to allow the voters to have a say in the new Downtown Plan. The Mayor, Drake, Ecton, and McCullagh said no.

DarleneHAD You don't have to rape the town.
DarleneReferendum City Council Ignores Referendum Signatures.
hanoverLady What ever happened to 36 feet?
knowltonHAD Citizens are asking questions.
washingtonHAD New project blocks views of Camelback Mountain.