Scottsdale Traffic

Live Roundabout Feed: 96th St & Cholla Rd. Click to Enlarge

What can YOU Do?

If you want to save Scottsdale from impending Gridlock, you must take action.

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Which items most concern you?

  1. Traffic congestion
  2. High buildings constructed close to the street with minimal setbacks.
  3. Preserving scenic views of mountains.
  4. Open space, parks, bike paths, greenbelt, and golf courses.
  5. Pollution from traffic congestion.
  6. Shopping
  7. Night life and building a 24/7 community downtown.
  8. Adding more buses for public transportation.
  9. Building lite rail at $100 million per mile for public transportation.
  10. Narrowing roads that are considered by the staff to be over sized.
  11. Code enforcement to prevent developers from allowing properties to deteriorate.