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New Scottsdale Road Streetscape

This may seem harmless. Who would complain about streetscape enhancements on Scottsdale Road? I will tell you who - the merchants along the road.

The new median islands will cut off access to their businesses. Business signs will be moved, driveways narrowed, and new trees will be planted which will block view of signs.

And who is designing the new streetscape project? Otek, another company that works on designing light rail systems.

Link to Scottsdale City Streetscape Project Webpage

DR Board Approved Streetscape Design on June 5, 2008

Item 11: Scottsdale Road Streetscape Design Guidelines...The request is for approval of design guidelines that will be used for future roadway and pedestrian improvements. I have a colored copy of the nine page 2007 draft. It breaks the 25 miles of Scottsdale Road into 6 segments with specific colors, materials and plants/trees for each of those segments. The titles of these segments begin at McKellips Road "Southern Gateway", "Downtown" from Earll Drive to Chaparral Rd, "Resort Corridor" from Chaparral Rd to Mountain View Rd, "Central Corridor" from Mtn View to Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, "Northern Corridor" from FLW Blvd to Happy Valley Road, and "Desert Foothills Scenic Drive" from Happy Valley Rd to the northern city boundary.Case No. 77-DR-2007